26 Ways to Show Haters You’re Winning and Cheerful

Ignore them. They’re just jealous.

Melissa Herb
6 min readFeb 15, 2022


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What do you do when you’re faced with haters? Ignore them? Prove them wrong? Show them that you’re winning anyway? Here are 26 ways to do just that, so you can stay cheerful and focused on what’s really important. No one can bring you down if you don’t let them!

Don’t respond to negativity

When you respond, they win. And the funny thing about haters is that their aim is for you to respond, so if you don’t, it defeats them. Refrain from reacting in any way–don’t argue, don’t explain yourself, and definitely don’t apologize.

Be a one-upper

There’s no point in arguing and trying to convince them they’re wrong. The hater already made up their mind, so there’s nothing you can say that will change their mind. So, turn things around by being the one-upper instead. If they said you were average, call yourself above average. If they said you weren’t smart, call yourself pretty brainy. They’re more likely to see the light if you’re not shouting them down with your own negativity.

Know that haters are always going to hate

When someone talks behind your back or is rude to you, it’s because they have something against you–it’s personal! So, no matter what you do or how nice you are, they’ll always hate you. The best thing to do is let them get it out of their system and laugh at them when they’re done.

Don’t give people who don’t like you the time of day

Haters will draw you into their negativity with gossip and small talk. But don’t let them! If someone is trying to involve you in their issues, they either don’t have any or aren’t worth your time. Insult them right back and walk away. They’ll be mad at you for a minute but will soon forget about it.

Remember that haters are almost always unhappy with themselves

When someone picks on you, it’s because they’re insecure with themselves. So don’t let yourself get dragged into the hater’s negativity–walk away and know that you’ll be happy when they’re not.



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