3 Simple Ways to Clear Limiting Beliefs and Be Amazing

This is how to get rid of self-doubt and live with more passion, courage and confidence.

Melissa Herb


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Believe it or not, your thoughts and beliefs about yourself can actually limit you. They can keep you from reaching your full potential or even stop you from making progress in certain areas of life. This blog post will introduce 3 ways to clear limiting beliefs and make sure that they don’t hold you back anymore!

Write down the limiting belief you want to clear

Write down the limiting belief you want to remove. Now write down the solution.

This is a challenging task, but it’s one of my favorite ways to clear limiting beliefs quickly because you can see your progress as you complete each step. Once you have identified what needs changing, determine which are long-term and short-term solutions. Long-term ones may be significant changes that take time to implement (like quitting smoking). In contrast, short-term ones might require constant attention until they become a habit (like drinking more water). If any actions could help with short- and long-term goals, feel free to include them in either list!

I want to Clear, “people don’t like me.”

Short Term Solutions: Introduce myself daily on campus. Ask someone if I can join their study group

Long Term Solutions: Attend social events at least once a week. Join a club Meet new people by going to coffee shops and asking if I can join them for their morning meeting.

I want to Clear “college is too expensive.”

Short Term Solutions: Ask my university about scholarships or grants, Talk with the financial aid office, Find out how much debt I’m in from student loans Make budgeting one of my priorities this semester

Long Term Solutions: Work two jobs; Apply for internships that will pay me enough money so that college isn’t as tricky financially. Attain a training where they would help pay off some school tuition costs Look into colleges that offer more affordable options than mine.

The second step you must take to clear your limiting belief is to visualize yourself…



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