Whispers of the Arcane: Unveiling the Soul’s Path

Melissa Herb
2 min readMay 16
Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

In the realm where shadows play,
Tarot readers’ ancient sway,
Guiding seekers on their way,
To find the light in shades of gray.

With cards adorned, a sacred art,
They delve into the human heart,
Connecting spirits, worlds apart,
Through symbols woven, a mystical chart.

Shuffling whispers, secrets untold,
A tapestry of stories unfolds,
As destiny’s threads, they gently enfold,
Revealing truths that lie in the mold.

The Fool, he dances, naive and free,
Embarking on a journey, a mystery,

The Magician wields his powers, you see,
Manifesting dreams with divine decree.

The High Priestess, in her silent grace,
Unveils wisdom in sacred space,
Intuition’s oracle, she doth embrace,
Guiding seekers to find their rightful place.

The Lovers entwined, a cosmic dance,
Union of souls in passionate trance,
Love’s flame ignited, a sacred chance,
Creating harmony, a soul’s advance.

The Tower crumbles, foundations shaken,
In chaos lies a truth unawakened,
To rebuild anew, strength unshaken,
Transforming darkness, a spirit unbroken.

The Hermit retreats to sacred seclusion,
Seeking solace in silent communion,
A lantern’s glow, inner wisdom’s fusion,
Enlightenment’s whispers, a soul’s reunion.

The Wheel of Fortune spins its course,
A dance of fate, a cyclic force,
From rise to fall, and fall to rise,
Embracing change, it whispers, “Revise.”

Through Strength’s embrace, courage is found,
To tame the lion, to stand unbound,
A gentle power, profound and renowned,
Overcoming obstacles, love’s sacred mound.

Melissa Herb

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